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Regular consumption of write fast food, the so-called fast food is dangerous not only obesity, but also a violation of the psyche of people. This is the conclusion, scientists from Canada.Eating at fast food restaurants, people are gradually becoming impatient and eager to receive instant gratification, Canadian scientists wrote in an article published in the journal Psychological Science, clarifies the agency.This behavior can occur at such people and in respect of their financial situation. For example, they prefer to receive small amounts of money immediately, rather than a more substantial income, which you will need to wait a long time.”Fast food is part of the culture of the most efficient use of time and instant pleasure,” – says study co-author Chen Bo Thong.According to scientists, the whole psychology of fast-food restaurant built in a hurry. The main purpose of visitors to these restaurants – to spend on food consumption as little time. Thus is lost the whole food culture. This approach extends to all spheres of human life.To prove his conjectures, the researchers conducted several experiments. In one test was divided into two groups. The first group of a few milliseconds, the network showed the emblem McDonald “s. After that, all participants in the experiment suggested to read small text. Those who showed the emblem of one of the fast-food restaurants, trying to read the text as quickly as possible.In a second experiment, researchers discovered that people who regularly fast food restaurants, choose the foods and items that save them time.A third and last experiment showed that it was after a quick view the logo network McDonald “s, experienced willing to give up large sums of money in the future for much less, but received instantly.”The culture of fast food… radically changes our perception of the pace of life. Even the entertainment designed to help people relax; begin to be perceived through the prism of impatience, “- said Chen Bo Thong.Previously, scientists had proven that fast foods and ready meals contain the “bad” cholesterol, the so-called transgenic fats, which are a major cause of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels and arteries, which subsequently can lead to cardiovascular disease. And this is a recipe for heart attack or stroke.
American nutritionists have found that phosphorus contained in the soda and fast food, accelerates the aging female body, causes severe kidney disease, and muscle atrophy. All these unpleasant consequences of the use of industrial food affected with age. The level of phosphorus in the finished food and beverage higher than acceptable.

Only higher doses of phosphates can cause harm. For small quantities of the substance necessary for the maintenance of many normal functions of the human body. For example, the element stimulates your brain and improve eyesight. In the thermally processed food from the cafe and the supermarket often contains toxic phosphorus derivatives. These are what cause damage to health.

Experiments were carried out on mice. Were taken from two groups of rodents. One was all right to health. In the second structure was absent in the body of genes that protects against toxic phosphates. In the diet of rats was increased phosphorus content in accordance with the level in the diet of the average American-lover of fast food. All mice died at one time, before they are due. The result showed that mammals can not adequately resist the attack of phosphate. This conclusion, according to the researchers, also applies to women.